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Pretty good, but...

Pretty good animation, but I would suggest adding a preloader, and also finishing it before you submit it :D

Pretty good.

Pretty good for your first flash, keep up the good work, you can only improve your flash skills!

Phantox responds:

Thank you! I'm trying my hardest to make better drawings.

lol what?

I'm giving this 3/5 and 5/10 because I'm not sure what this is lol.

DangerMAUS responds:

You sir, a a gentleman and a poop.


Nice work dude that was funny. 5/5 from me, which raised it from a 3.07 to a 3.08 :P


"Offius Robius" lol nice work, keep it up.

RSQViper responds:

It's a very powerful spell. I only wish that he used it on Jessica Alba or Jessica Beil.

Freakin Amazing

This series is amazing, cant wait for the next zelda series you do, if you do one.


0 because the preloader music was obnoxious, and all you did was record you playing a game... And even the car noise was obnoxious. 0 for review, 0 rating, srry.... Just too annoying and you didnt create anything, at all.

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HandsomeWarrior responds:

Oh well, thanks for your time..


The PS3 does have good exclusive title, Resitance Fall of Man was great, and the blue ray is nice, i have a PS3, i have a 360, i have a Wii, THe 360 is the best so far, but i rate u 10 cuz it was a good song and pretty funny


"WTF man....you totally ripped of robot chicken".....AND YOU PULLED IT OFF! The Watching paint dry game made me rofl "you can tell the paint is still wet cuz it sticks to his hands, it wouldnt stick to his hands if it was dry" "yep" "just saying for our viewers just joining us" LOL, keep it up man, and to all you people rating this low because it "rips off robot chicken" it was'nt really, the static was the channel being changed, soz uh yeah.... Well, anyway nice work and hope to see more from you, keep it up! (This made my favorites ^.^)


BRAVO! BRAVO! i laughed the entire time, "Hold Devils pot of tea" and then "My Milk Shake" rofl....nice stuff man, keep up the good work, this made my favorites cuz it made me laugh and make me wanna play GoW2.

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